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How teachers assume groups of three work:

everyone does 1/3 of the work

How they actually work:

One cunt does absolutely nothing, another person doesn't really understand but tries their best, and the third person ends up doing 70% of the work so that they don't fail.


Sad thing is teachers are aware and know that there's always one person that will do most of the work. Still they keep asking for group works and oblige students to do it. Mostly because they, probably, think they're teaching a life lesson to students...oh because with group works you learn how to work together, and fit in work environment and society, yadda yadda.

I've probably done more than 50 group works and I can only say I enjoyed one...ONE! Why? Because, even us being different from each other, we were all working to achieve the same goal, finish the work and do it properly. And it was a great feeling. But it only happened once, in middle of the more than 50 works I had to do during school.

And I'll stop rambling. I'm pissed off and people at work and UGH. Anyone wants to get strangled? Any candidates. >.>

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